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About DiVergilis Law

DiVergilis Law – Trusted Representation for All Your Legal Needs

When someone is faced with a legal hardship, everything feels out of their control. Dealing with a legal issue can be extremely stressful, costing you time, money, and constant worry, especially if you don’t have a highly qualified law firm on your side. With decades of experience in litigating for our clients, you’ll be able to concentrate on recovering, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and stressed out over your impending court case. You can count on DiVergilis Law to take control, providing expert strategic and aggressive representation that will lead to the best possible outcome.

Experience and Integrity Makes All the Difference
For over 20 years DiVergilis Law has been providing outstanding legal services to clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As a result of our hard work and dedication, we have developed a strong reputation in the area, defending our clients from a wide range of legal cases which include auto related, civil, criminal, government and private affairs. When you work with us, you can feel confident that your legal matters will be diligently dealt with from all perspectives. We will employ a comprehensive, personalized approach to your case, ensuring that no stone goes unturned. Learn more about our services.

Creating Trust and Value, One Client at a Time
As part of our commitment to creating value for our clients, our legal services include working closely with our clients, providing them with a complete evaluation and assessment of their case. From there, together, we’ll come up with an action plan designed to either avoid litigation, or resolve existing litigations quickly with the goal being to achieve a successful outcome.

Prompt and Courteous Communication
Our clients receive prompt responses to all communications, whether it is via emails, telephone calls or other forms of correspondence. You can count on us to keep your informed throughout your case, quickly letting you about any delays, changes, or setbacks or breakthroughs and provide expert advice that will help you make educated decisions regarding your case.

We’re Known as a Client Oriented Practice and Successful End Results
With our years of experience and wide range of resources, the legal team at DiVergilis Law will tirelessly fight to ensure that your rights are protected. When you work with us, you get our full attention and access to lawyers that really care about you, not just your case.

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